Work Life Balance

  • At Niveus, we believe that our employee's work life should not be confined within the four walls of the office. We do not encourage long hours at work or carrying work to home.
  • Learning Curve

  • "He who stops being better stops being good". At Niveus we strive to be better every day. Every new day here presents itself with an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Open Culture

  • We always strive to maintain an open culture in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Every voice is heard and valued.
  • Performance Based Rewards

  • Compensation increments and promotions are decided purely on basis of the contribution to the company. Every positive contribution is recognized.
  • Fun

  • We spice up our work life with some quick getaways like regular team events & lunches, birthday celebrations and other fun activities. Yes we do not compromise on our share of fun!

  • Hear our employees speak

    Birthday celebrations and quarterly team events have ensured a great bonding between the team.

    Prakrithi Sr. Developer

    There's so much to explore here, everyday gives me a challenging and enjoyable work environment.

    Jayanth Developer

    My work here is always recognized, never overlooked.

    Smitha Developer

    We have fun at work and celebrate every success in our journey to achieve more.

    Ramachandra Developer

    The whole team is friendly & supportive, it's like a family.

    Lathika Developer