We deliver highly productive, scalable and attractive Java-based solutions to companies as well as to a great number of internet businesses.

Java Development Domain Expertise
  • Persistence Layer

    Niveus Solutions has in-depth knowledge and experience in programming persistence layer and designing databases for web applications including apps that may require very intensive data and content processing.

    Niveus Solution's team is mature in utilizing both Java native capabilities (JPA, JPQL, JDBC, JCA, custom ORM programming) and open-source persistence frameworks (Hibernate, iBATIS, EclipseLink and others).

    Niveus Solutions develops well-organized storages, transparent and reusable data processing modules leading to higher characteristics of the whole application

    Productive and stable performance achieved through smart database architecture, SQL transactions optimization and seamless connection to application logic and workflows.

    Transparent object-relational mapping reducing development efforts, cutting application maintenance costs and enabling fast and easy modifications in the future.

    Increased interoperability achieved through service-oriented architectural approach and great experience in custom APIs and data connectors development basing on strong skills in SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML / XML Schema and HTTP specifications.

  • Business Logic Layer

    We believe functionality development is much more than software architecting and coding. With business-driven development concept in mind Niveus Solutions applies best Java development practices and methodology for describing, prototyping and developing application business layer.

    We use BOM, UML and BPMN to formalize business process, help manage requirements and issue project-related documentation.

    We apply most effective architectural approaches such as layered application stack with decoupled business logic layer. We are closely familiar with Service-Oriented Architecture in line with SOA integration principles and JBI specifications.

    We always use proven Java design patterns, produce clean and well-documented code and ensure painless knowledge transfer.

    Consequently striving for application quality we state the same principles of building web applications at each level, eliminating every single bottleneck :

    Performance and Scalability
    When designing business process execution functionality, we care about application performance and closely related vertical and horizontal scalability. We exploit Java out-of-the-box multi-threading and extensibility capabilities, use reputable technologies such as Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, WebLogic and new technologies like Terracotta, Jgroups and Ehcache offering advanced caching and replication patterns.

    Maintainability and Manageability
    Aiming to reduce software TCO in long-term perspective Niveus Solutions supplies customers with the highly maintainable modular solutions. We work in line with Java development standards — Sun Java Naming Conventions, Java EE Design Blueprints, IBM Java Beans Coding Guidelines, Design and Architectural Patterns —decoupling complex objects, providing well established APIs, comprehensible documentation and clean commented code with consistent indentation style.

    It is obvious that lots of tasks in regards to the application functioning and adaptation to different environments (both in technology and business perspectives) save costs when performed through changing configuration, not amending the source code. Therefore, Niveus Solutions avoids hardcoding and provides flexible configuration options, interfaces and tools.

  • Presentation Layer

    Niveus Solutions UI design & Usability practice provides a foundation for executing projects requiring complex yet easy to use web interfaces to support sophisticated business processes and workflows.

    Our skills and experience in JSP and FreeMarker, related frameworks and open-source components allow to resolve challenging tasks of dynamic data visualization (interactive dashboards, charts, grids, content blocks etc.) and context-driven controls, and establish clear, convenient and cross-browser compatible layouts.

    Our solid AJAX expertise (as well as experience in Flash and HTML5) helps extend web interface interactivity and make it fast, consistent and enjoyable which is especially important for SaaS solutions and other Rich Internet Applications.